Wind Turbine Height Safety

Wind turbine height safety, fall arrest and fall protection

A wind turbine constitutes a significant long term investment and as such, wind farm owners need to ensure they maximise the return on their investment. This means engineers being able to access turbines for routine maintenance and repairs safely and quickly when required – thus requiring wind turbine height safety. It also means that in the event of an emergency, engineers can evacuate to a position of safety.

Capital can offer a range of height safety solutions for wind turbines that meet the needs of the wind energy market sector – including fall arrest and fall protection systems.

Wind Energy companies and farm operators require height safety products for a wide range of applications, including vertical access to masts and lattice tower constructions, access to roof top sites, access to the external elements of the wind turbine and products to facilitate fast evacuation in complete safety. Height safety for wind turbine products need to offer reliability, functionality and high performance. After all you must keep your networks running, no matter what the working and environmental conditions at site. And we know that sites can be in some pretty extreme places!

Capital’s products that are suitable for wind turbine height safety, fall arrest and fall protection in the wind energy sector include:

  • Uni-8® – our high quality 8mm stainless steel provides an ideal access solution on roof tops. Combined with our Force Management Anchors, integration is simple and trouble free!
  • UniRail® – can be fitted to the top of the turbine housing to allow continuous access and be used for suspended rope access and rescue work
  • Single Point Anchors – for lanyard attachment and attachment of rescue devices and rope access equipment
  • Rescue Devices – easy to use, fast, controlled descent units get engineers to ground at a rate of 1m/second. Can be used for repeat evacuations
  • Guardrail – through our network of system integration specialists, turnkey roof top solutions can be provided. If guard rail is required, this is no problem!
  • For solutions which are specifically suited to large wind turbines and wind farm safety, click here.

Capital understands the need for their wind turbine height safety products to meet the long term needs of this market sector. Massive investment in infrastructure means network operators do not want to have to frequently replace height safety systems. In addition, height safety system maintenance can be costly and not always practical. The following benefits of the Capital product range for the wind energy sector ensure your sites can be accessed when needed without compromise.

  • Quality materials ensure a long life expectancy dependent upon environment and location
  • Flexible installation options ensure wind turbine height safety products can be fitted quickly and easily
  • Wind turbine height safety products have minimal moving parts to keep maintenance problems to a minimum
  • Harsh environments won’t affect performance – 316 grade stainless steel and electro-polishing increase durability
  • Systems can support multiple users and facilitate rescue
  • Systems can be easily despatched in kits for installation on new network infrastructure
  • Capital and its integration network can provide full project management facilities on retrospective and new site installations in many countries around the world
  • Instructions for use of wind turbine height safety systems are available in a number of languages
  • Products meet the requirements of all International fall protection standards allowing specification of the same product across a global network
  • Training in safe working procedures, rescue and installations can be delivered in a variety of International locations
  • Our design team can provide CAD models for inclusion in production drawings for wind turbine height safety products