3M Fall Protection is the global market leader in the manufacture of engineered fall protection systems, with a range of products and solutions specifically designed for the wind energy sector and engineered to reduce risk and enhance safety at operational level.

In order to meet the requirements of a global safety culture within the wind turbine manufacturing industry, 3M Fall Protection has developed a system that enhances safety for maintenance workers when working outside the security of the nacelle cabin.

Current nacelle safety measures provided by rails that offer discontinuous attachment points are a low level safety solution, expose people to excessive risk, encourage misuse and contribute to unproductive working practices.

Understanding customer needs, the UniRail™ system provides unhindered continuous access for maintenance personnel working externally on a nacelle. The UniRail™ system can keep workers in a restraint position, but is capable of arresting user falls, facilitating rescue and providing a system for suspended access work, including inspection and cleaning.

3M Fall Protection’s systems are manufactured to ISO9001: 2000 standards and tested by Germanischer Lloyd for compliance with the requirements of EN50308. Additionally the system is compliant with the European standard for Fall Protection Anchorage Systems EN795.

The system is a very cost effective solution and has been designed for mass production with global scope, so it can integrate seamlessly into a supply chain. Furthermore UniRail™ has an excellent history in aggressive offshore and construction environments for more than 20 years.

The rail system is complemented by a range of anchor points that can be attached to by two workers for fall protection, suspended access and rescue applications.


UniRail Wind

The nacelle can be a hazardous working environment – working at height and against the wind. External access is required on the wind turbine for inspection and maintenance tasks, exposing workers to the risk of falling and wind turbine safety is essential. Once outside the Nacelle, exposed conditions increase risk…

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Wind Single Point Anchors

To compliment the  UniRail™ system 3M Fall Protection offer a range of anchor points that can be attached to by two workers for fall protection, suspended access and rescue applications. They are powder coated yellow for EN50308 compliance and manufactured from 316 Stainless steel construction for good corrosion resistance in harsh working environments.

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