Roofs are changing to accommodate more insulation materials and being designed to utilise lighter materials and take advantage of new technologies. The advanced design of 3M Fall Protection’s  RoofSafe™ Anchors allows customers to benefit from modern roofing design whilst ensuring safety and structural integrity.
Additionally, as the desire to comply with health and safety regulations increases, the need for safety solutions on older building and structures increases. 3M Fall Protection’s  RoofSafe™ Anchors are ideally suited for installation on an older building that requires a fall protection system.

There are now two types of anchors to choose from in the RoofSafe™ range:

The RoofSafe™ SpiraTech™ range includes anchors for use on a wide variety of roof types from wood and concrete to metal standing seam.  Single point anchors are available along with ends, intermediate and corners for use in the RoofSafe™cable system. Each anchor comprises an energy absorbing module and a baseplate which is secured to the roof with rivets, toggles, clamps or concrete fixings depending on the roof type.

The NEW RoofSafe™ ZORBA™Tech anchors has been designed specifically for concrete roofs. Currently available as a single point anchor for 2 users plus a rescuer  with a single fixing for solid concrete roofs.



SpiraTech Force Management Technology

A new product to meet the needs of todays changing work environment. The RoofSafe™ Anchor can be used to facilitate the installation of a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous uninterrupted access to all areas of a roof or alternatively can be used as a single point of anchor for maintenance tasks…

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Zorba Tech Anchor

The new RoofSafe™  ZORBA™Tech provides ultimate protection for both user and roof structure. The innovative energy absorber on the top of the anchor reduces the forces back to the roof to less than 10kN, reducing damage to the structure of the roof. Forces are lower than any other single fixing roof anchor on…

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