Fall prevention for marine safety is better than cure

The sea can be a hostile environment in which to work and thus marine safety, fall arrest and fall protection are paramount. The combination of harsh weather conditions with a constantly moving work environment means marine worker safety and security must always be paramount – especially as the implications for rescue in the case of an accidental fall are more onerous and carry additional significant risk than would be the case on shore.

3M Fall Protection’s comprehensive range of marine safety products and marine safety systems has been enhanced by our acquisition of the well-known Hadrian Safety System – now brought into the UniRail™ family and enabling the product quality and service for which 3M Fall Protection is renowned to be extended into marine safety applications. In addition, 3M Fall Protection also acquired the extensive knowledge and expertise of Hadrian’s  engineering team, enabling us to continue offering existing and new customers a comprehensive, first class service for the provision of commercial marine fall protection solutions and marine safety systems


  • Quality materials ensure a long life expectancy
  • Products have minimal moving parts to reduce maintenance problems
  • Harsh sea environment does not affect performance of the marine safety equipment – use of 316 grade stainless steel parts and 
electro-polishing increase durability
  • Flexible installation options ensure the marine safety products can be fitted quickly and easily
  • Products meet the requirements of international marine safety standards allowing specification of the same product anywhere in the world.
  • Established product range with history and longevity in Commercial Marine
  • Training in safe working procedures and marine safety installations can be delivered in a variety of International locations
  • Our design team can provide CAD models for inclusion in production drawings