Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Safety

3M Fall Protection offer a wide range of Engineered Horizontal Systems, developed to provide a choice of solutions that allow our customers to most effectively resolve the risks associated with work at height in a broad range of applications.

The versatility of these products combined with 3M Fall Protection’s expertise in fall protection safety ensures we can solve even the most complex of height safety problems in industry, construction, façade access and for all manner of building maintenance and inspection tasks.

Our products have been proven in a wide range of applications, including roofing systems, transport, industrial maintenance, building and façade maintenance, construction, telecommunications, electricity, utilities and public sector buildings for inspection work.

We also undertake a wide range of special project work in areas such as leisure and tourist attractions, military infrastructure and heritage sites.

Horizontal lifeline systems sold in Europe are certified under the European standard BS EN 795 class C and D by independent notified bodies. Traditional horizontal systems are either flexible anchor lines made from stainless steel cable or rope, or rigid lines made from extruded rail.

HLL systems are typically installed by competent personnel who have been fully trained and authorised, with inspections every 12 months to ensure system integrity.

Uni 8

The Uni 8™ fall restraint product is best suited to modern building projects, refurbishments and can also be used for industrial safety applications. The fall restraint product is high quality, whilst providing excellent value for money. In typical circumstances, this fall restraint product can span up to 12m between support…

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Uni 8 Overhead

The Uni 8™ Overhead Horizontal Lifeline System is a unique fall protection safety product. It offers both fall arrest and restraint capabilities using a 1 x 19 8mm stainless steel cable, which is secured to a structure using a range of anchorage fittings. The two wheeled attachment carriages are secured…

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Uni 16

The Uni 16™ fall protection system is best suited to specialist fall protection situations and to installation on older structures where connection to steelwork, brickwork or concrete is necessary and where a reduction in structural penetrations is desirable. The fall protection system is also very suitable for industrial safety applications…

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The UniRail™ product is best suited to modern building projects, in particular for internal and external façade access, inspection and maintenance including walkways and suspended gantries. The product has also been used extensively for suspended access work by rope access technicians, as it meets the requirements of both abseil and…

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