Product Sectors

Roofing systems for fall protection and arrest when working at height

Roofing Systems

If you need a safety solution for roof access during maintenance and inspection tasks, then look no further than 3M Fall Protection’s Roofing product range. Our products, including roof anchors, horizontal lifelines & horizontal rail systems offer comprehensive protection for workers on all types of roofs.

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Horizontal Systems

The products in our Horizontal systems range are some of the best know brands in fall protection safety. The versatility of these products combined with 3M Fall Protection’s expertise in fall protection ensures we can solve even the most complex of height safety problems in industry, construction, façade access and for all manner of building maintenance and inspection tasks.

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Wind Energy Systems

3M Fall Protection is the global market leader in the manufacture of engineered fall protection systems, with a range of products and solutions specifically designed for the wind energy sector and engineered to reduce risk and enhance safety at operational level.

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Marine Systems

The sea can be a hostile environment in which to work and thus marine safety, fall arrest and fall protection are paramount. The combination of harsh weather conditions with a constantly moving work environment means marine worker safety and security must always be paramount – especially as the implications for rescue in the case of an accidental fall are more onerous and carry additional significant risk than would be the case on shore.

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