The nacelle can be a hazardous working environment – working at height and against the wind. External access is required on the wind turbine for inspection and maintenance tasks, exposing workers to the risk of falling and wind turbine safety is essential.

Once outside the Nacelle, exposed conditions increase risk and it is essential to be able to attach to a secure anchorage and move about efficiently and confidently. In the event of a slip or fall, the worker will almost certainly need to be rescued, so additional anchorage points need to be available to provide the flexibility and security to carry out such an operation.

Wind fall protection image

UniRail Wind

Wind turbine safety and fall protection. Features of the wind turbine safety systems include free running attachment carriages, removing the need for double lanyards, improving user functionality and increasing worker safety and efficiency. These can be parked during use to maintain worker stability, increasing user confidence and safety during work…

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