Transport Fall Protection

Transport fall protection, fall arrest and working at height safety.

Access to the tops of vehicles is a daily occurrence and transport fall protection and arrest is paramount in a great deal of industry sectors. Whether a vehicle is in production, undergoing maintenance or being filled, emptied or sheeted during operational activities transport fall protection and height safety and fall arrest should be taken into consideration.

Work can be of short or long term duration and often working surfaces can be narrow, uneven, curved and slippery. The risk of a slip or fall is therefore high and the consequences of falling significant.

To add to the risks, in transport access situations there is usually very little ground clearance to arrest a workers fall. No good investing in a transport fall protection solution if the worker hits the floor or an obstacle before the system has stopped them.

In addition, consideration must be given to rescue if someone does fall, as a person cannot be left suspended in a harness for more than about 15 minutes. (Dependent upon age, fitness and weight).

3M Fall Protection have developed the following solutions for transport fall protection which form part of our Horizontal Systems product range:

  • Uni 16™ - Our award winning synthetic cable system can span up to 50m as a single span solution and support multiple workers. Relatively low end loads compared to steel wire systems and often no need for expensive energy absorbers.
  • Uni 8™ Overhead – Our quality stainless steel wire system uses a high pre-tensioned cable, supported at regular intervals by intermediate brackets to increase the overall length of the system to suit site requirements. Smooth running travellers allow the users to bypass the brackets even when using heavy fall arrest devices.
  • UniRail™ - When you can’t afford to have any deflections associated with wire systems, UniRail™ provides a great solution. Users can move effortlessly along the system using the Uniwheel Carriage.

To resolve the rescue issue 3M Fall Protection recommends the use of its Controlled Descent Unit in conjunction with its transport fall protections systems.

All 3M Fall Protection fall protection products benefit from defined predictability, proven through testing.

Our systems integrators can input fixing, user and ground clearance data into a dedicated calculation software programme to aid decision making and check structural requirements.

For more information contact one of 3M Fall Protection’s height safety and working at height experts.