Tourism and Entertainment Height Safety

Height safety for tourism and height safety for entertainment and attractions

Keeping people entertained and ensuring they have a great time can place big demands on maintenance personnel. Height safety and working at height in theme parks, theatres, gardens, zoos and many other tourist attractions can be very hazardous and sometimes overlooked.

In addition, it is also necessary to protect members of the public in some attractions and height safety equipment can add to the experience of a particular ride or tour in the tourism and entertainment sectors.

3M Fall Protection’s height safety and working at height products have been used in a number of ways to protect maintenance personnel and members of the public in tourism and entertainment and we are always excited to look at different ways we can apply our fall protection and fall arrest products to interesting situations.

Check out our products or project references to see how we can help you:

  • Uni 16™ – Our award winning, unique synthetic cable horizontal lifeline system. Minimises structural loading, maximises span length and supports multiple workers
  • Uni 8™ – Our quality 8mm stainless steel wire system used in conjunction with Force Management in-line energy absorbing elements to reduce structural loading
  • UniRail™ – aesthetically pleasing, smooth running rail system that provides continuous protection for work at height and can be used for suspended roped access techniques

If you have a project that requires specialist height safety systems in the tourism and entertainment sectors (theme parks, theatres, gardens, zoos) that needs careful design and planning, contact our working at height safety technical team for further assistance and remember, we can carry our work in many countries around the world.