Roof Fall Protection Equipment

Roof fall protection equipment and safety on modern roofs

Roof fall protection is essential for modern roof structures that require access for inspections, maintenance, roof light cleaning, gutter cleaning, plant and equipment service and in the current climate of environmental responsibility, access for fitting and maintaining such items as small wind turbines and solar panels. Access in these cases is often predictable and of a short term duration and therefore the use of a roof fall protection system, as well as being necessary is a cost effective means of access.

Many people are killed or seriously injured falling from or through roofs because work is not correctly planned or supervised and the necessary roof fall protection equipment is not in place. People with little or no experience of work at height are sent to carry out what appear to be simple maintenance tasks, often without any form of roof fall protection and no appreciation of the height safety risks they are exposed to.

A safety anchor point or safety lifeline fixed to a series of roof anchors facilitates safe access to areas of a roof that require maintenance. The user attaches to the lifeline and is prevented from entering unnecessary areas of risk. In order for a roof fall protection system like this to be really effective, users should be trained to work at height and good management controls should be put in place.

In addition a non-slip walking surface can protect workers from a slip or fall and delineate the walkway to avoid personnel straying in to unsafe areas.

3M Fall Protection and its System integrators can help with all aspects of safety and roof fall protection equipment for modern roofs.

In order to facilitate the installation of safety systems and roof fall protection on modern roof constructions, 3M Fall Protection has developed the following product ranges:

  • RoofSafe™ Anchors – enabling safety lifelines and single anchor points to be quickly and safely fitted to a wide range of modern roof constructions. Very cost effective and minimal disruption to the building envelope.
  • RoofSafe™ Cable – a practical and cost effective cable safety system that is designed specifically to integrate with our Roofsafe Anchors, providing a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing roof fall protection safety solution
  • RoofSafe™ Rail - a low profile aesthetically pleasing safety rail that is secured directly to the roof structure. Excellent for work positioning on steeper roofs and where a discreet roof fall protection solution is desired

Working with leading manufactures and specialists has enabled 3M Fall Protection to gain a thorough understanding of modern roof systems and the roof fall protection they require - and we are very well placed to advise you on the use of roof fall protection safety solutions for this application. We have solutions for most situations and roof types.