Industrial Fall Protection

Industrial fall protection and industrial fall arrest

Industrial workplaces present those responsible for worker protection with ever more complex safety challenges, especially in circumstances where activities require personnel to work at height and require industrial fall protection systems. 3M Fall Protection has a number of products for industrial fall protection that offer solutions for industrial workplaces, giving us a greater chance of solving your specific industrial fall protection needs.

We particularly find that the following features are important for the fall protection in the industrial sector:

  • Robust product designs
  • Practical and functional user attachment
  • Ability for the industrial fall protection system to navigate obstacles, changes in direction and gradient
  • Ability to be able to accommodate low fall clearances
  • Need for the industrial fall protection solution to span long distances between supports
  • Need to accommodate multi user attachment
  • Need for well trained, competent integrators to complete projects

Our industrial fall protection solutions include:

  • Uni 16™ as a long span roof safety system on rigid anchor posts or as a single span overhead fall arrest system to enable protected access to industrial machinery, vehicles etc and for resolving technically difficult requirements
  • Uni 8™ Overhead - long span system where uninterrupted free travel across intermediate fixing brackets is important. Crane rails, rail cars etc
  • UniRail™ best suited for fixing in circumstances when excessive deflections and imposed loads of wire systems exceed the parameters available at site.
  • RoofSafe™ Anchors – great for integrating our cable systems on modern roof structures with minimal disruption to production/business activities

Different industrial fall protection solutions can be used together to achieve an overall safe system of work and in addition many of our System Integrators offer associated products such as ladders, walkways and guardrails to provide a turnkey project solution.

For more information contact an industrial fall protection expert at 3M Fall Protection.