Fall Protection for Public Buildings & Heritage

Fall protection and fall arrest for public buildings and heritage sites

When making additions (like adding a fall protection system) to public buildings or heritage sites there is a certain sense of responsibility by the custodian to make sure such additions have minimum impact on the building both aesthetically and structurally, whilst achieving the necessary fall protection required for building access and maintenance. In new buildings, many of the access and maintenance requirements can be designed out, but on older buildings and complex buildings access can be a real challenge and unique fall protection and arrest systems are required.

The risks associated with carrying out maintenance tasks on older and more complex structures can be significant. Access requirements are often more frequent and require a high level of hazard awareness and height safety skills. Good management controls are essential to ensure short duration works are carried out safely.

 Integrating safety solutions in to complex and older structures is a specialist job requiring skills and experience not found in many safety companies. At 3M Fall Protection we have extensive experience of installing fall protection safety solutions on public buildings and through our International network of integrators, have companies with the skills to carry out fall protection system installations on public buildings to a very high standard.

In our experience the fall protection systems for public buildings and heritage buildings require:

  • Detailed assessment prior to deciding on an appropriate solution
  • Solutions that minimise the number of fixings to the structure or often require more fixings to better distribute loads in the event of a fall
  • Bespoke fabrications to facilitate the installation of the fall protection system
  • Very competent System Integrators to carry out the work
  • The addition of complimentary safety measures to provide a complete height safety solution

3M Fall Protection can offer the following safety solutions for fall protection on public buildings and heritage sites:

  • Uni 16™ – Our award winning, unique synthetic cable horizontal lifeline system. Minimises structural loading, maximises span length and supports multiple workers
  • Uni 8™ - Our quality 8mm stainless steel wire system used in conjunction with Force Management in-line energy absorbing elements to reduce structural loading
  • UniRail™ - aesthetically pleasing, smooth running rail system that provides continuous protection for work at height and can be used for suspended roped access techniques
  • Roofsafe™ Anchors – great for integrating our cable systems on a range roof structures with minimal disruption to production/business activities

If you have a project that needs fall protection for a public building that requires careful design and planning, contact our technical team for further assistance and remember, we can carry our work in many countries around the world.