Facade Access

Facade access and facade access equipment

Façade access requirements come in many varieties and present many challenges. Some buildings have powered access cradles for facade access, some can be cleaned from the ground, some use access hoists and many windows can be cleaned from inside the building. In more recent years rope access techniques have been used for facade access and are generally considered to be very safe, providing the worker has been trained and is using all the correct height safety equipment.

In nearly all cases, façade access and maintenance requires the worker to be exposed to working at height risks and therefore, to use some form of height safety equipment and be attached to an anchor point.

3M Fall Protection has undertaken many projects to enable workers easy facade access for the maintenance of building facades. These include simple eyebolt installations to allow workers to clean a window, to complex continuous anchorage solutions that allow suspended access for complete internal and external façade cleaning and building maintenance tasks.

In new building projects 3M Fall Protection can assist Architects in the integration of appropriate facade access solutions at an early stage. The later the inclusion of safety and access is left in the building design process, the harder it is to integrate, although for 3M Fall Protection we have been able to resolve some of the toughest challenges for customers. We recently assisted renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava, solve access problems at the amazing Agora (City of Arts & Sciences) in Valencia, Spain.

3M Fall Protection have developed the following products from our Horizontal Systems range that are well suited to façade access and maintenance:

  • UniRail™ - aesthetically pleasing, smooth running rail system that provides continuous protection for work at height and can be used for suspended roped access techniques
  • Uni 8™ - quality stainless cable system can provide safe access along ledges and walkways for window cleaning and building maintenance tasks

3M Fall Protection’s experience and skills in all areas of heights safety and facade access combined with our product range and the installation and design capabilities of our International Integration Network can help you achieve your façade access objectives too.

For more information feel free to contact one of our facade access experts at 3M Fall Protection.